*Dreamtime (1993 - 1995)

Critical Commentary

a masque for seven players in nineteen movements

Dur: 80'

(flutes, clarinets, keyboard, 2 percussionists, violin and violoncello)

Part I. Palm-of-the-Hand

1. Through a Glass Darkly
2. The Stillness
3. Tears
4. Kaleidoscope
5. West Wind
6. Baroque Altar
7. Lamentations
8. The Lunatic and the Butterfly
9. Kolomyika, a dance
10. Parastas
11. Palm-of-the-Hand
12. Stamping Dance
13. Kozak Mamai
Part II. Dreamtime
14. In the Labyrinth
15. Adam's apple
16. Manao Tupapau (after Paul Gauguin)
17. The Sleep of the Caliban (after Odilon Redon)
18. The Hour of the Wold (after Ingmar Bergman)
19. Postludium: Heart of Glass
Commissioned by Dr. W. Howard Hoffman for the California E.A.R. Unit
First Performance: March 18, 1996, Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall, New York, New York by the California E.A.R. Unit, Rand Steiger, conducting.

Materials on Rental TNP 1209

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